Top Craft S.A. established and has been operating since 1990. Initially, the purpose of the company was the trade and processing of food. However, very soon, the catering services became the major provision of the company.

Top Craft S.A. is located in Thessaloniki and possesses branches throughout Greece in order to support the alimentation contracts it undertakes regarding targeted customers, mainly public bodies. At the same time, it has demonstrated a successful track record in the field of catering of private and corporate events under the brand name “Kosmogeuseis”.

It is run by a flexible three-member management board, which consists of Didaskalou Lena (President & CEO), Didaskalou Sotirios (Vice President & CEO) and Didaskalou Elias (Member). The members of the management board are siblings and share equally the shares of the company.

Our company is responsible for producing and distributing more than 32,000 portions daily, while our production capacity exceeds the above volume.

We have the honor and responsibility to be one of the largest companies operating in the field.