Flavors derived from your best dreams…


Describe your wedding and trust us.
We have the “know-how”, the joy and the willingness to act on your wishes.
Either with elegance and style outside the church or with the ability to fully cover the necessary equipment anywhere you wish.


Whatever name you have chosen for your child, we will be there to give the tasty touch this special moment deserves.
Outside of the church or wherever you choose, we will be there. From a refreshing treat of homemade lemonade to a full menu.

Kids Party

The younger the protagonist, the greater the responsibility we take to satisfy their guests.
We try to “compete” children’s’ imagination with shapes and colors.

Corporate Events

Our company has carried a large number of corporate – conference events.
Major public bodies and companies have trusted us to support their events with our services as we know in great detail the particular requirements and conditions.
The aroma of Greek traditional cuisine and the respect for specific eating habits (religions, vegetarians, patients, allergies, etc.) are the ingredients of success of our services.

Social Events

Birthdays, marriage anniversaries, name days, business successes are moments we usually want to celebrate and share with our beloved people.
Whether or not you decide to invite friends, we will be there to satisfy you with culinary experiences commensurate with the great moment.


Our company implements meal deliveries.
Meals are distributed in the location indicated, either in packaging.
If you have the need for alimentation coverage and for any period of time, we are happy to provide you with our recommendations.

Roof Garden

Inside the Aristotle University campus and specifically on the third floor next to the red building, we have designed an elegant space ideal for both group meetings and personal escape from everyday life routine.
Our space is open daily from 08:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday.
We have drinks, snacks and a light or full meal upon request.
For Saturdays and Sundays or beyond the opening hours for the rest of the days, the space is available upon request.